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An example to learn from? A conversation with Anna Kläppe and Anna-Maja Henriksson

The Nordic countries are known for their progressive gender equality policies: what can we learn from their example? and is the Nordic model in peril? Please join us for a Brown Bag conference with Anna Kläppe and Anna-Maja Henriksson.

Anna Kläppe is the Secretary General of Centerkvinnorna, Sweden's largest political association for women. Center Women is a green social liberal and feminist force that has been fighting for women's rights since 1932. Previously Anna was a political advisor on foreign affairs and defense and has served in government as a political advisor at the Prime Minister's Office, in Parliament and at the municipal level.

Anna-Maja Henriksson is a member of the Finnish parliament and the leader of the Swedish People's Party of Finland - first women to elected in the position. Anna-Maja previously was Minister of Justice.

Federiga Bindi - Director of IWPR's Foreign Policy Initiatiative and Sr. Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - will introduce and moderate what we expect to be a lively and very interesting discussion.

RSVP required - attendance is limited - a little homemade pizza will be served.

This event is organized in the framework of the Women Leaders in IR project cofunded by the European Commission - Jean Monnet Action.

RSVP here.

Video from event is here.