Cracks in the IR Glass: The Evolving Relationship Between International Relations & Gender Equality

By Dr. Federiga Bindi

It is often said that if more women were at the helm of foreign policy, there would be more peace in the world. However--and despite the fact that women have played important roles--there is little research about the actual foundations of this claim. While female leadership is increasingly gaining momentum, women involved in International Relations-related jobs, be it in academia, diplomacy, international organizations, government or international business, are still facing more difficulties than in other areas in climbing the seniority ladder. Also, despite evidence of women’s role in the diplomatic and international arena, the core historical narrative of international politics remained depleted of women.

 This article will review the status of women in International Relations (IR), discuss the main reasons why breaking the glass ceiling is more difficult in international relations than in other areas, and what can be done to change the situation.

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